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Our Goal

Our goal is to develop and launch an efficient and user-friendly plug-and-play digital twin generation platform for use in the metaverse, allowing businesses to create accurate and detailed virtual replicas that showcase their physical assets and processes, thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving overall operational efficiency.

The key objectives are:

  • Collaborate with industry experts and potential customers to identify key features and functionalities required in a digital twin platform.

  • Develop a user-friendly and intuitive interface that enables businesses to easily upload data and generate accurate digital twins.

  • Ensure the platform is highly scalable and customizable, capable of meeting the unique needs of a wide range of businesses across different industries.

  • Incorporate advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to continuously improve the accuracy and performance of the platform.

  • Provide excellent customer support and training to ensure users can fully utilize the platform's capabilities and maximize its value.

  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the platform's performance, incorporating user feedback to identify and address any issues or areas for improvement.


BLOCK assists the Metaverse in realizing digital twin virtual activities, which are online performances that require collaborative efforts from multiple roles to proceed smoothly. The following are four roles in the virtual activity ecosystem and their responsibilities and duties:

  • Producer: The producer is the main person in charge of the virtual activity. They are responsible for planning the overall concept and theme of the event, determining the performance time, collaborating with relevant technical personnel to ensure the technical facilities and sound and lighting effects of the online activity achieves the best results. In addition, the producer is also responsible for online advertising and promotion to attract more audiences to participate in the virtual concert.

    1) Forging BLOCK
    2) Setting up BLOCK data
    3) Constructing a 3D stage for BLOCK
    4) Setting up camera, lighting effects, background music
    5) Setting up host, guest, and actor data
    6) Uploading 3D models/animation for the host, guest, and actors
    7) Setting up advertising billboards
    8) Setting up NFTs
    9) Setting start and end times
    10) Setting up a whitelist for participants
  • Director: The director is responsible for planning the stage layout and arrangement of the virtual activity, determining the performance items and order, and planning the related music and special effects to ensure the overall effect of the virtual activity is optimal. The director also needs to Direct or control the actors' performance during the performance to ensure the rhythm and effect of the entire event are optimal.

    1) Camera management
    2) Lighting effects management
    3) Music management
    4) Billboard image management
    5) Character (host, guest, actor, audience) management
    6) Microphone management
    7) Airdrop management
    8) Voting management
  • Actor: The actors in the virtual activity can be real people or NPCs. Actors need to perform on the virtual activity and show the overall concept and theme of the event to the audience through the internet.

    1) Conversation (broadcasting)
    2) Movement
    3) Actions (built-in actions, motion capture)
  • Audience: The audience needs to participate in virtual activities through the internet, appreciate or join the performance, and provide support and feedback for the event. The audience can also share information about the activity through social media platforms and other ore internet help channels to audiences to the event.

    1) Join the event
    2) Chat
    3) Ask questions (broadcasting)
    4) Move
    5) Tip
    6) Claim airdrop
    7) NFT-related (information/purchase/bidding/voting)
    8) Vote